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Areas of Expertise

Mind: Empowerment and Transformation Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Integrative Psychotherapist

I use an ethical and integrated mix of modalities using positive psychology methodology such as Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy.  I use an integrated approach to meet individual client needs to maximise outcomes.

Body: Acupuncturist / Physical Therapist / Body Coach

I also use an integrated mix of treatments depending on individual needs to help improve physical fitness and wellbeing, no matter where the starting point is.  Bespoke treatment sessions are discussed and agreed depending on client needs and desired outcomes.  Educating clients on posture, breathing, hydration and sleep are also major factors to improve overall health and longevity.  

Professional Bodies

I am a certified member of:

CtHA - Complementary Therapists Association

CNHC - Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

The National Society of Talking Therapies

My Approach

The approach I have mindfully developed over many years of practice is to work collaboratively with each individual, listening intently without judgement, not jumping to conclusions or making assumptions about what 'I think' the issue/problem may be, either physically or mentally.  I have learnt over 35 years of studying the mind and body and working with thousands of individuals that we are complex and yet simple works of art.  Once we slow the chaos down and allow space for the mind and body to let us know what is happening and how it can be helped to work better we can start to make progress to feeling healthier, happier and stronger and live life to our greatest individual potential.

'There is no disconnect between mind and body, they are one and the same, each having distinct roles and functions, just like the organs and muscles do.  Add into the mix social factors, biological factors, prior illnesses, injuries, trauma and there is a recipe for potential disharmony.  Understanding the individual journey so far can help inform current mind body health status and also plan and work towards goals for the future.

I thoroughly enjoy working with individuals using the vast array of skills, qualifications and experience I have developed over a career in the corporate environment and also managing my own clinical practise to help people become the best versions of themselves that they wish to be.

My Approach
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